It is a rather unsettling trying to plan for a future that is not quite as clear as we would like it to be. As we do not know where the end is or how long we must plan for to be in survival mode before we can thrive again, planning is super frustrating. The best we can do during this time is to stack up on knowledge. Getting inside the mind of our industry leaders at this stage is priceless, as well as knowing what is available to us from a technology perspective into the future. Having this insight and knowledge can help us build the best new reality for ourselves, or at least the basis for the new reality.

We have pulled a new industry expert together and asked them to come share their thoughts with us, so that we can better plan and dream for the future. Here are a few of the thought leaders that has offered their time to speak to us on their expertise in the field.

  • Martin Wiest, CEO of Tourvest Destination Management. He will unpack the future of international travel into a long-haul destination. What to expect and how to make the best of this segment for the Tourism Industry.
  • Mariette Du Toit-Helmbord, CEO of Destinate. She will unpack the profile of new customers and the core values that travellers will connect with.
  • Liam Alexander, Group Sales & Marketing Manager of Providence Hospitality. He will share with us the absolute musts in driving direct business to your property and how to use digital efforts in your favour.
  • Lloyd Barkhuizen, CEO of Calibrate Travel Technology and Analytics. Corporate Travel as we know will certainly see a shift and Lloyd will share his thoughts on how we can optimise on this segment.
  • Efi Ella, General Manager of Pepper Club Hotel & Spa. An all rounder from operations to the future of technology, he will share his thought on how this will connect going forward.

Technology of the future for hospitality with a need to have employees work from home, to have contact less interactions, to have to optimise ancillary spend at the property, to have forecasting modules that consider demand from nothing, and so forth is a foreign concept to us. We asked new age technology leaders to speak to us on what they see for the new reality.

  • Nick Kleynhands of Atomize (Revenue Management Solution)
  • Erik Munoz from Lybra Tech (Revenue Management Solution)
  • Alan O’Riordan from apaleo (Property Management Solution)
  • Niels Verspui from RoomRaccoon (Property Management Solution)
  • Tiago Fernandes from OTA Insights (Market Intelligence)
  • Eben Marais from Protel South Africa (Property Management Solution)
  • Ankur Yadav from Rate Gain (Market Intelligence)

We also have additional partners that will be available for discussions on the day like Handcrafted Brands (Digital Marketing Specialist), About Partners Luxury Brand Collection (Sales, Marketing & Revenue Representative Company), Roomer (Property Management Solution) & AeroGuest (Guest Experience Automated Company), RoomPriceGenie (Revenue Management Solution), Pace (Revenue Management Solution) and more. The list is still growing, and this is great as you can really expand your knowledge.

Make use of this opportunity and join us for be part of the Future Planning group of the NOW. Build your knowledge for future investments. Visit our Hospitality Revenue Generation & Technology information page here –

Revenue Resolutions can help you implement the ‘How’, with 28 years of hospitality experience, of which 17 years has been invested in Revenue Management. Contact Theresa Prins on 071 364 6381 ( for more insightful information or to assist you set up your Revenue Optimisation strategy.

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