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Basic Revenue Management Modules

These Basic Revenue Management Modules are short courses on various revenue management principles. They are aimed to enriching your knowledge on the subject and giving you more insight to execute the subject effectively.

Understanding the Basics

Revenue Management Course, Understanding

Understanding the Basics of Revenue Management is important. We will discuss how to start the process and how to set yourself up to measure the success of your efforts.


Revenue Management Course, Understanding

Reviewing internal and external reports to evaluate our true performance gives us the insight on whether we getting our fairshare of the current market capacity.

Tactical Initiatives

Revenue Management Course. Tactical

Tactical Initiatives takes care of the day-to-day functionality. Reviewing from Overbooking, Displacement, Hurdle rates and supply and demand pricing.


Revenue Management Course, Pricing

Price determine your financial success, your brand and perceived value for money. We will review the structure to have integrity and parity in our rates.

Strategic Planning

Revenue Management Course

Strategic Planning is our long term goals for revenue. It is important to understand how each segment within your market mix will perform and the risk it holds.


Revenue Management Course

Predicting customer behaviour is not just crucial to your pricing strategy, but to your overall financial well-being as well. Especially in times of distress.

Creating a Budget

Revenue Management Course

Your budget, together with your strategic plans needs to be set with precision and clear justifications, so that the result is realistic with an target for growth.

Optimising Profits

Revenue Management Course

There are different ways to optimise profit and we will review how this is done effectively consider pricing, ancillary spend and the cost per sale.


Theresa Prins is the founder and chief revenue manager at Revenue Resolutions. With over 15 years experience in the revenue optimisation field within some of South Africa’s top hotels and resorts, Theresa brings her unique expertise to this online course designed to train and upskill students in this niche and in-demand discipline.


A 60-90 minute live online lecture
on the subject matter.

A Lecturer with over
25 years of operational experience

A Copy of the presentation
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Live Q&A session to address all
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