Do you question whether your Property Management System is correct and if it serves the delivery of your long-term strategies? One of the top long-term strategies, of course, would be to be successful, sustainable and profitable. Your top 3 investments in your establishment, therefore, are your staff, guests and the data which ‘lives’ in your Property Management System.

The Property Management System is so much more than just a front office management system that ensures you get paid. It needs to store the correct data and have the agility to extract this information in formats that you can analyse the data into deliverable actions. Information that does not drive action, is useless. We need to drive decisions off the data that we harvest.

The saying, ‘The Devil is in the Detail’, cannot be truer. The more granular the data, the sharper your understanding of the current trends and the more focused your actions would be.

Technology must be one of the fastest growing industries in the world, yet in hospitality, we seem to be stuck in the past. If you step sideways into the corporate world your options on technology are endless. You can do so much, at affordable costs. Why is this not the same for us as hoteliers? Why is it that we are bound by one or two big service providers?

Almost every hotelier that we speak to these days is working towards Guest Excellence! We speak about how different our customer of the future would be, tech-savvy and, forgive me for saying this, but ‘socially awkward’ customers. Customers that are Uber, Facebook, Airbnb concept junkies. Everything must be instant and effortless. If this generation is our customers of the future, is our service delivery geared to cater to them? Are we as tech-savvy as our customers would expect?

South Africans are known to resist change … well I suppose most humans, but can we afford to still resist this at the paste our customers resist?

I have recently been privy to seeing and talking to different Property Management Providers and there are some great developments on the horizon. It’s time that we think differently about your service providers and/or technology. Do we always have to have what we always use to have? Should we not challenge the norm?

Revenue Resolutions can help you research the best Property Management Solutions to support your 5-10-year strategy and the deliverables. Contact Theresa Prins on 071 364 6381 ( for more insightful information. With 25 years hospitality experience and 11 Property Management, 7 Revenue Management, 6 Central Reservations System installations and more, contact us for advice on wireframes and/or project planning to ensure the best results from your technology.

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