The Real Impact of Highly Discounted Rates

During times of low demand, it is only natural to offer discounted rates to stimulate interest and incentivise customers to book your hotel – but what happens in distressed demand time when everyone is fighting for the same customer? When business becomes so cut throat that we undercut our competitors at all cost, we set […]

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Income Budget

How accurate was your income budget?

Be honest, how accurate was your Income Budget this year? A 5-7% variable on your budget is a good outcome. Have you analysed the results? Even the most accurate results must be analysed and studied. As the saying goes, ‘The Devil is in the Details’. We tend to only do an analysis when we missed […]

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income budget

What to consider when doing your income budget

There are so many influencing factors to consider when setting a budget. It is a lengthy, but worthwhile exercise. The aim is always to: grow the business, set a realistic budget and get it as accurate as possible. Apart from outside influences like the economy, consumer price index, foreign exchange, politics and natural disasters, we […]

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