Value Gain is a paid Membership Programme for like-minded people with an invested interest in staying on top of new innovative and proven Revenue Generation and Optimisation techniques.

Why Join Value Gain?

The Value Gain Program was created to support YOU. The programme is designed to focus and work on HOW WE WILL THRIVE IN THE FUTURE. Nobody knows for sure what the future holds, but what you do right now, with the best version of the information available, is what will make the difference on your journey to sustainability. With Value Gain we will take bit size chunks of information and plot this out into a ‘Play Book’ and this will be instrumental in creating ‘a version’ of our end goal. We will keep crafting this until it serves you well. The team at Value Gain invite you to come and create your Play Book with us. We aim for Sustainable Business Development at its best.

About the Founder

Like many people Theresa did not end up in her dream job but ended up in an industry that she now loves. Starting Revenue Resolutions in 2017 was the start of her dream come true. She works hard and take risks but find this all to be most rewarding. Like most of you that are reading this, COVID knocked her down a few sizes and the risk of losing what she has built up became very real. We are sure you know exactly what she means.

“I am a survivor by nature and one thing that always works in my favour is my ability to recover. Be it the entrepreneur or the survivor in me, but seeing the good in this awful COVID experience, I can share with you that I am more focused than ever before. Breaking down WHY I started Revenue Resolutions in the first place, lead me to rethink my focus on YOU. How am I supporting you and the industry and how does my expertise serve everyone? This led me to create Value Gain for us all.” says Theresa Prins

What's in it for You?

Industry Insights

We will keep you informed of important industry updates, trends and tips and keep this relevant to growing your revenue.

Knowledge Development

You get exclusive access to live webinars and videos that offer practical skills development training.

Discounts on Courses & Workshops (25%)

You will get 25% discount on all courses, workshops and events. Use this to upskill and develop yourself and grow your business/revenue/profits.

Exclusive Talks

Our partners are pretty awesome and they love sharing their thoughts, insights, products and services with our clients.

Template Library

Get access to a host of easy-to-use templates which will save you time, and offer tried and tested solutions.

Private Facebook Group

A place to meet, catch up, learn, ask questions and give advise to other like-minded industry people.

Does this sound familiar?

What price should I charge? What is forecast really? COVID19 is an information overload – what is relevant? How do I plan from here? What must I focus on when generating revenue and when must I focus on what? How do I increase my occupancy?  Budgets again, I wish there were a simpler way. Pricing is so confusing – Dynamic Rates, STO Rates, Parity in rates? Am I doing this right?

If you have any or all of these questions …

We've got you covered!

Value Gain is a community of people working in the hospitality industry who are eager to explore ideas, learn new skills and participate in lively conversations on industry topics. We aim to keep content simple yet informative and easy to understand. We are taking the complexity and fear out of revenue management!

What our clients say ...

“We have been working with Theresa over the past 3 years and can endorse and recommend the team at Revenue Resolutions – true professionals that deliver on their contracts and are committed to staying ahead of the game. Theresa offer the missing piece that complete the hospitality puzzle, without a revenue management solution, growth is simply not achievable – she has helped us scale successful businesses and elevate them to an entirely new level. If you find yourself here, then this will possibly because of a recommendation, I want to second that and recommend the team at Revenue Resolutions.”

Rudi Wagenaar, Inspirational Places

I met Theresa from Revenue Resolutions at our WTM stand and from that first meeting I knew that she is a specialist in her field. Although we have a small lodge, she was able to accurately translate her big hotel chain revenue management learnings and models perfectly into our small business. She is not the type of revenue management expert that gets tangled up with the numbers, she added a lot of overall strategic value to our business as well. She has a great work ethic and a real team player mentality. I can highly recommend Theresa from Revenue Resolutions to assist you to maximize your financial returns for any size hospitality business.

Danie Jansen van Vuuren
Owner of Forest Edge Nature Lovers’ Retreat

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Still need convincing?

This is what Lex Petousis, Director of the Vineyard Hotel, Townhouse Hotel and Oude Werf Hotel had to say about Theresa’s revenue management expertise.

“Theresa Prins was with us in the capacity of Group Revenue Manager for 12 years from 2005. During this time, she established a professionally run Revenue Dept. with four staff members. She also initiated and procured and managed the necessary systems for the dept. to run effectively that all linked to the group PMS. The group was taken rapidly into an environment that allowed very effective revenue management and soon margins we realised that in prior years were lost. This grew our revenue base and yielding very effectively and allowed for proper decision making in our 3 properties. Theresa would often make a concerted case for revenue decisions that in almost all cases paid healthy dividends, and, earned herself & dept. the respect of the Board and Executive. She has now started out into the business world providing this much needed service to the industry. She will certainly be missed by all here.”

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