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Revenue Management Glossary

What’s a RFP or ProPOST? Does the word soup intimidate you out of learning more about revenue management? Here is our guide to all the terms and words you need to know!

Tourism Industry Standard Protocols for COVID19 Operations

The tourism industry has developed comprehensive protocols for the operation of all types of tourism businesses or facilities in times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The protocols align with the WHO, NICD and DoH guidelines and advice, and will be revisited as required on an on-going basis. They cover customer information, PPE, physical distancing, and sanitisation and hygiene practices, among others, for staff and customers.

Report: Pandemic impacts on Middle East & African city tourism

International travel to the Middle East & African cities is forecast to see a quicker return to 2019 levels than at the global level, with visitor arrivals expected to surpass those of 2019 by 2022. The less severe spread of coronavirus in the Middle East and Africa may render inbound travel more attractive compared to other regions, where the spread of the virus has escalated more quickly.

via @Tourism Economics

Report: STR South Africa COVID19

Based on insights from high-quality actual achieved and business on the books data from 70 000 hotels around the world and seeks to answer the following questions:
a) What stage of recovery is the world in?
b) What about South Africa?
c) How do we move forward?