RevTech Partners Program

R999.00 / month

Tech Partners is a paid Membership Program for technology suppliers to the hospitality industry that is specifically geared towards revenue generation. A One-Stop-Shop Platform for hoteliers to seek technology to assist them on their journey to optimise revenue.


Why Join RevTech Partners?
RevTech Partners has been developed as a support structure to your current marketing efforts, as well as to assist the hotelier’s journey in finding the right solution. At Revenue Resolutions we are passionate about systems and believe that engaging a client with the right software is as important is choosing a career. You must love it to make it work and not every system is a good fit because our client’s needs are very all unique. This One-Stop-Shop for Hoteliers will be the place to go to research their options and you want to have exposure to this potential buyers’ market.

What’s in it for you?
Social Media | Revenue Resolutions will promote RevTech Partners as a One-Stop-Shop options for revenue generating technology in the hospitality and include your brand in our efforts, aligned with our marketing plans
E-mail Campaigns | A dedicated section to RevTech Partners will be made available in our Newsletters to our client and data base promote the RevTech Partners One-Stop-Shop
Spotlight Blitzes x 2 (Dedicated to your product) | Twice a year we will place the spotlight on your brand to promote your product and/or any new features or newsworthy information to the client and data base
Workshops Collateral | Revenue Resolutions hosts at least 4 workshops, other than RevGen+Tech a year and we will display your collateral at the workshops
Value Gain | Revenue Resolutions are building up a closed user group in their database where we are consistently interacting with these clients and we will get exposure to the One-Stop-Shop to this platform
25% Discount | Any paid event and/or workshop or training you attend will save you 25% off the fee, excluding sponsorship.