Black Friday Deal


Buy a gift card on 27 November 2020 and we will give you three times the value. Valid for 3 years.

Step 1 – Buy the value you desire, for which you will get a gift voucher immediately

Step 2 – A second gift voucher will be send to you with the upgraded value of the Black Friday Deal

In other words you will have 2 gift vouchers for example, if you buy for R50, you will get R50 now and the balance of R100 a little later during office hours to make up the value of 3x.


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Gift cards can be redeemed against any Training Events, be it a Beginners or Advance Online Course, a RevOpt Workshop, a Basic Revenue Management Module and/or Basic How To Sessions. Training sessions can be customised to accommodate your needs and to suit your availability. Gift vouchers are valid for 3 years.

Buy a voucher

1- To motivate your staff and keep their development going

2- As a gift to your team to say thank you during these tough times

3- As a gift to colleague, friend or family member to help upskill themselves

4- As a gift to yourself, while we strive to do better and stay ahead of the game